Well it's been a little while since we posted an update here but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! Our production department has been sweating the small stuff over Nick Whittock's “Covers” and we hope to go to print in the next few weeks. We'll publish ordering information shortly.

Also stay tuned for details of launches for Nick's book. While the diary exhibits a fair dose of pencilled-in dates, we're reasonably confident of a December launch in Melbourne to coincide with the release of Cordite #20 SUBMERGED. Also, excitingly, we're planning a launch on the NSW south coast, in Bega (or, perhaps, Kameruka), for some time in the New Year.

Despite having recently broken a wrist while wicket-keeping for the “win nervously, lose tragically” Reds Cricket Club, Nick himself has been hard at work observing the recent Test Series between Australia and India. His Test Series blog now contains over fifty posts on the players, the poetry and the pandemonium.

Let's hope Nick gets inspired to cover the impending summer of cricket in Australia, following his prediction that the hosts “will demolish New Zealand”.


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