The images in Nick Whittock's book “Covers” are in fact manipulations of old photographs taken during various test matches. They show players in prone states suggestive of sleep. Full details of the book's extras or “Sleepy Cricketers” are as follows:

The front cover (above) shows players take cover as a flying bomb passes overhead during a wartime match at Lords. The image is from Lords: the cathedral of cricket, by Stephen Green, published by Tempus in 2003.

All other pictures come from England versus Australia: a pictorial history of the test matches since 1877, by David Frith, (the 1980 edition published by the Australian Broadcasting Commission in association with Richard Smart Publishing) except the final image in the book (*), from A History of Indian Cricket by Mihir Bose, 2002 revised edition, published by Andre Deutsch Limited, London.

Extras in order of appearance:

darling 1978-79 adelaide – news ltd
graveney 1962-63 sydney – central press photos ltd
woolley 1911-12 sydney ?± unspecified
verity 1932-33 brisbane ?± unspecified
taylor 1920-21 melbourne ?± unspecified
jenner 1970-71 sydney ?± unspecified
gregory 1928-29 brisbane ?± unspecified
chapman 1924-25 melbourne ?± unspecified
unknown 1928-29 sydney ?± unspecified
unknown 1903-04 adelaide ?± unspecified
unknown 1932-33 melbourne ?± sport & general press agency ltd
1926 trent bridge – sport & general press agency ltd
verity 1932-33 adelaide ?± sport & general press agency ltd
fairfax 1928-29 melbourne ?± unspecified
mailey 1921 headingley ?± unspecified
miller 1950-51 sydney ?± unspecified
miller 1948 the oval ?± central press photos ltd
trueman 1958-59 melbourne ?± unspecified
knight 1962-63 brisbane ?± unspecified
unknown 1911-12 melbourne – unspecified
*unknown 1934 kolkata ?± roger mann

If this all looks like Greek to you, consider buying the book to find out what we're talking about.


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