Well, it's nearing the end of August and things are finally hotting up.

We picked up tom see's book from the printers this afternoon, just in time for tomorrow's Sydney launch. Boy, does “OI” scrub up well! The people down at BPA Digital (an arm of BPA Books) have done a very professional job.

Meanwhile various codders are currently in transit, heading for Sydney town for the big “OI” launch. There's a whole range of activities planned for the launch, including speeches, readings, book sellings and signings, musical entertainment, free wine – in short, you'd be mad to miss it.

Soon we'll post details here of how and where you can purchase a copy of “OI”. At this stage it's likely that we'll be able to accept cheques or money orders (alas, no online purchases as yet!) for mail orders, or good old cash in the shops. The “OI” launches in Sydney and Melbourne will be your first opportunity to hand that cash over.

So, we'll see you there? Hollywood Hotel, Surry Hills, 3pm. Tomorrow.

A COD is born!


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