COD now has its own logo. Designed by Charles Lake, he of the illustrations in tom see's “OI”, our new COD fills us with joy and makes us feel hungry. That being said, we're sorry to see the tail of our former logo, the quite charming blue cod. Readers will be pleased to know we have released it back into the river, where it will hopefully grow to an astonishing size.

A quick scan of some internet resources shows that there is a lot of literature about and cultural meaning ascribed to the humble cod in Australia. Prior to European occupation of the continent, for example, the Murray was positively chockers with cod. The fish (also known as a “perch”) thus holds a special place in local indigenous culture and stories. Unfortunately, over-fishing has led to a serious decline in cod stocks. Let's hope this changes for the better in the future.

All hail the COD!


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