tom see aka Tom Clark is a research fellow at the Monash Centre for Research in International Education, where he is examining tertiary education's contribution to social capital.

He holds a PhD in English from the University of Sydney. His thesis, 'A case for irony in Beowulf' was published by the Peter Lang Publishing Group in 2003. Tom has previously published his poetry in several serials, most recently Cordite.

OI is his first book of poems. He describes it thusly:

“OI is a book that's easy on the eye, with a simple illustrated layout, but it demands a lot of its readers. The poems are set out phonetically, to emphasise the voice ahead of the writing. It works an Australian accent without hamming it up. The illustrations are line drawings by Charles Lake, which work as
counterpoints to the text. Some are pictorial and interpretative; others are abstract and reflective.”

OI will be published in paperback format of 48pp extant. It will sell for a RRP of $15.00.


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