COD stands for Cordite On Demand and is a new poetry book imprint for Cordite Press Inc., publishers of Cordite Poetry Review.

The aim of COD is to present high quality collections of poetry by young and emerging Australian writers, with an emphasis on using new printing processes (for example Print On Demand), graphics and layout.

The rationale behind this new initiative is a feeling that at present too few Australian publishers are willing to reflect the individuality of writers in the presentation of poetry books. Same formats, bad typefaces, tacky graphics and books of a monotonous size, price and target audience.

While not seeking to compete with other publishers, COD aims to challenge traditional notions of how poetry is presented.

While Cordite Press and Cordite Poetry Review receive funding from the Australia Council, COD itself aims to remain independent and self-financed. Unless, of course, someone comes along offering to fund a series of COD titles. We're all ears!

This page will undergo significant transformations in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for details fo COD's first title, due out in August 2004!


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