Observant COD fans (or at least those possessing superior ESP) would have noticed that COD founder David Prater was on 3RRR at midday yesterday espousing the wonders of COD, digital printing and all things tom see.

“Aural Text”, a weekly showcase of spoken word hosted by alicia sometimes and Steve Grimwade, was the forum in which the inner COD was released, to general astonishment. The highlight was a caller who mistakenly referred to Cordite as “Command Poetry Review”. A damn fine name, if you ask us.

You can stream 3RRR over the Internet 24×7 (requires Real Player). We're humbled by the technological wizardry that makes such a listening experience possible. Next time we hit the airwaves, we'll be sure to let everyone know – erm, before the show commences, of course.


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